DoBark - Pet Hair Remover Roller - DoBark
DoBark - Pet Hair Remover Roller - DoBark
DoBark - Pet Hair Remover Roller - DoBark
DoBark - Pet Hair Remover Roller - DoBark
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    DoBark - Pet Hair Remover Roller

    $19.90 $29.90

      Removal of Shedding Pet Fur Is Not A Problem Anymore!

      Don’t throw your pet away just because they’re shedding hairs and create a mess all around because it’s hard to clean their fur? Then this fantastic DoBark Pet Hair Removal Roller is the perfect solution to your problem.

      Owning pets brings so much happiness into our lives, but sometimes they have shedding hair problems due to hormonal changes, so please bear with them. This electrostatic adsorption brush sweeps all pet hairs effortlessly from your clothes, car seat, upholstery, and other without harming your essentials in just a minute.

      Key Features

      • Product Material – The product is made of ABS hard plastic, making it durable and resistant to physical impacts.
      • Exquisite Design – The glorious yet cylindrical hair removal device comes in different fresh colors to light up your life.
      • Smart Energy Saving Design – It works on electrostatic adsorption principle that doesn’t require batteries for pet hair removal.
      • Portable & Compact – Its small yet compact design can easily adjust in your bags and perfect for travel needs.
      • Easy To Clean – No Cleaning required because the device equipped with a hair storage box, making it easy to clean with just a button.

      Key Benefits

      • Easy to Use – Removing unwanted pet hair from your carpet, clothes, car seat or upholstery has never been so easy.
      • Small Size – Keep your pet anywhere without having of their shedding fur because now you Do-Bark hair removal roller to wipe off pet hairs.
      • 100% Reusable – No need to wash or peel off hair from the device, as it’s equipped with a hair storage box for easy cleaning.
      • Enviro-Friendly – The environmentally friendly design doesn’t require batteries for its smart operation.
      • No Adhesive Design – Manufactures without the use of sticky or adhesive tape, so no need to buy refills for your next use.


      Trust me – If you own a pet then this might be the best investment you may have in your life!